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Abu Dhabi Happiness Index

11 Sep, 2023
Abu Dhabi Happiness Index

People realized the massive importance of happy and stress-free life a lot, especially during the past years. Our beloved world has been flooded by tragedy triggered by the pandemic and all the geo-political situations that we’ve been dealing with all over the planet.

In such terrible times, more and more people understand that the essential thing in life is to be safe and healthy, and happiness is a subject that we are addressing today.

Life in the UAE can be extremely happy and stress-free, and this is according to all the people who have visited the nation. This is the main reason why more individuals are thinking about relocating here. Some decide to invest their life savings, and others simply want to become the proud owners of a vacay home in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. There are a lot of options that people have available these days, and specialized companies such as our own are supporting clients to learn all that there is to know about living in Dubai.

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Living Happily in The UAE

Life in the UAE can be heaven on Earth, and everyone who has ever been here can probably confirm this. Lots of people decided that moving to the UAE, especially to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, is the choice of a lifetime, and this is a trend that continues to grow. Lots of reasons are attracting people to the UAE, especially since the real estate industry here is booming.

Even though it seems a challenging journey to find affordable properties here, there are lots of communities in which people can buy or rent properties in the UAE. Dedicated firms such as Starling Properties are supporting their clients in this quest to find the most suitable place to live here so that their dreams can come true.

Just in case you didn’t know, the UAE has a minister of happiness, and this has been voted as one of the happiest countries in the world. Abu Dhabi continues to develop all sorts of communities in which people can feel just at home.

Happiness in the UAE is a Crucial Matter

Happiness is a significant matter in the UAE, and a while ago. The UAE’s first Minister of State for Happiness, Ohood Al Roumi, declared the fact that the government’s main job is to create happiness. The capital of this nation, Abu Dhabi, has recently taken several steps to boost the happiness of its residents. They even started The Happiness Patrol project, which involves distributing gift vouchers among law-abiding drivers.

According to the latest reports, ServiceMarket has already surveyed more than 1700 Abu Dhani residents in order to find out which areas have the happiest residents. They were asked to discuss the areas that they believe are the happiest, and they were supposed to talk about all the facilities, greenery, child-friendliness, public transportation, and more.

Abu Dhabi managed to score 7.17 out of 10 on the happiness index, and this is considered a high score, according to the European Quality of Life Survey (EQLS), said Dr. Mugheer Khamis Al Khaili, Chairman of the Department of Community Development (DCD). He addressed this after announcing the findings of the ‘Quality of Life’ 2020 annual report.

Khaleej Times website notes that when marking the International Day of Happiness, Dr. Al Khaili noted the DCD had made huge efforts to check out all the requirements of the people through regular surveys and questionnaires that are realized on a regular basis. The goal of all this is to boost the quality of life in the UAE and attract as many people here as possible to support the nation.

Their report was able to assess the happiness index among different age groups of society. Accordingly, males (7.2) were found to be happier than females (7.12). Also, citizens (7.33) registered a higher score compared to residents (7.14).

“The report reflects our efforts to meet the aspirations and values of creating a decent standard of living for all community members, as well as promoting quality of social life among citizens and residents of the emirate.”

The same website noted that according to Dr. Al Khaili, “the findings of the happiness index varied with age groups, with seniors being the happiest bunch. Teenagers in 15 to 19 age groups (7.55), 30 to 31 years (6.76), between 55 to 59 (7.83) and above 60 years (7.85).”

Abu Dhabi Happiness Index: Best 6 Locations in Abu Dhabi to Live a Happy Life

Anyway, here are Abu Dhabi's happiness index and the best locations where people feel the happiest.

  • Saadiyat Island
  • Al Raha Beach
  • Al Khalidiya
  • Al Reem Island
  • Yas Island
  • Al Reef

Saadiyat Island

Abu Dhabi Happiness Index

The name of this amazing island is translated as the Island of Happiness, and this is one of the most beautiful places to be in Abu Dhabi. The island mixes a paradisiac atmosphere with commercial and residential areas together with leisure locations that make the place a sort of centerpiece for Abu Dhabi’s culture. There are international museums here, like the Louvre and Guggenheim. You can also delight your senses while visiting the local Zayed National Museum and Manarat.

You can also enjoy some fine top-quality time by the beach and check out Saadiyat with the bluest water. Close by, there is also a nature reserve that will allow you to enjoy a vast animal kingdom during your walks in the area.

Living here can be simply compared to heaven on Earth, and you will be mesmerized by waterfront villas and apartments which overlook the sea. The families will also be the happiest here, with the best schools in the country and New York University as well. Amazing shopping experiences can also be enjoyed in this location and all the available resorts and superb hotels that you will find here.

Al Raha Beach

Abu Dhabi Happiness Index

People who enjoy surfing will realize that the Al Raha Beach is the perfect location for them. This is made up of three communities that have ideal places for families who love private beaches and yoga retreats. There are also all kinds of pampering spots around this community, and the marina environment will leave everyone in awe.

Watersports enthusiasts will see a lot of waterskiing on the beach, and regarding the nightlife, the location offers lots of international and local dining experiences and waterside lounges as well.

The airport is only 10 minutes away, so this means that this specific location is ideal for people who have to travel a lot.

According to the publication called The National News, Natalie Bundhoo, who is a Brit living in Al Raha Beach, said that she likes the location so much that she and her husband bought a home there a while ago. The website cited the woman saying the following:

“We’ve lived in various areas of Abu Dhabi but Al Zeina is by far my favourite,” she claims.

She continued and explained the following:

“Mainly because there is so much on your doorstep, which makes life so much easier with two young kids. We can walk right to the beach, and has safe green open spaces for them to run, scoot, cycle, a beautiful children’s park, and just a stone’s throw from the amenities of Yas Island, such as Yas Mall, Yas Waterworld, hotels, restaurants.”

Al Khalidiya

Abu Dhabi Happiness Index

This is a location that is pretty popular for its fantastic atmosphere. People who choose to live here know that life is not cheap, and the place is filled with gorgeous villas that resemble palaces. The area is surrounded by calm seas and a golden beach that will make anyone who lives here feel like they are in paradise.

Here, you can find one of the biggest malls in Abu Dhabi, and this is located really near to the residential areas. The local street markets are something else as well, and people choose these because they can bargain their way to lots of local gems.

One other thing that we should not forget to mention is the fact that Al Khalidiya is also a green community. The Khalidiya Park is an amazing place to be for kids who love to duck feed. Art enthusiasts will also find happiness for the eye here as they can visit various impressive art galleries that exhibit art from around the Middle East.

Al Reem Island

Abu Dhabi Happiness Index

This is another mesmerizing island where life can be as beautiful as you have ever dreamed. Residents who are here call the location heaven on earth, and they enjoy the calming sea that surrounds the villas, townhouses, and apartments. This is an amazing choice for all the people who want to live near the heart of Abu Dhabi in order to avoid stress and a busy lifestyle.

The community includes skyscraper buildings, and you can expect to live in a home with incredible amenities and outstanding service as well.

The Suna and the Sky towers are unique, and they are built entirely out of glass. The view is impressive, as you can imagine by yourself.

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Yas Island

Abu Dhabi Happiness Index

This is another island on our list where residents can live a happy and fulfilled life, according to the official reports. The location is filled with amazing beaches where people can live the adventure of a lifetime. The place features lots of golf courses where enthusiasts can have the time of their lives. The island also has an elegant marina where there are lots of various restaurants.

Here, people can find something for their preferences and tastes, and all the venues bring amazing views at sunsets. Tasty dishes await visitors of all ages and with all sorts of expectations. More than that, it’s also essential to know the fact that Yas Island was the very place that hosted the Formula One Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 2009.

Also, it’s worth noting that people can enjoy a relaxing life if they choose areas such as Yas Acres, Mayan, West Yas, and Ansam. These communities are something else, and you can see them for yourself if you take a look at some photos from these locations.

Relaxation enthusiasts have the opportunity to choose great apartments and luxurious beach houses as well. The villas and townhouses feature first-class views of the shore, and people who are living here are impressed with such unique and mesmerizing views. This is pure fuel for the soul and mind as well.

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Al Reef

Abu Dhabi Happiness Index

This is another happy neighborhood in Abu Dhabi, and it’s ranked highly due to the fact that it’s very children friendly. The same National News website notes that people who live here have only unique words to say about the location.

For instance, the website brings up a person who moved here a few years ago and bought a home. They say that all the facilities for children are a big plus for the area. The person is from the UK, and they are entirely in love with this neighborhood.

“There are many parks within the compound and other facilities which include swimming pools, gyms basketball and tennis court which adds further charm to the community,” the person was quoted by the website saying.

They continued and pointed out the following issues:

“Al Reef also has a very decent dining area with multiple options for food lovers. I consider it a home away from my home in the UK and love the multicultural aspect of it.”

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Closing Words

There are a lot of amazing places in the UAE where life meets the expectations that people who want to live happily and hassle-free have. The list that we addressed above includes only some of these locations, but there are more precious gems in the UAE worth discovering.

Lots of unique and beautiful places have been built in such a way that they can meet all your expectations and aspirations. The values of such locations revolve around creating a decent standard of living for all the people who choose to come here. The UAE continues to build and promote extraordinary standards of social life among its citizens and all the residents of the emirate. There’s more to learn about the happy life in Dubai, and firms such as Starling Properties are here to help support clients make the best decisions of their lives.

Starling Properties real estate brokerage in Dubai invites investors to enjoy a fantastic VIP treatment when joining the challenging journey to find the dream property in a luxurious paradise.

People who choose to invest with us will be able to enjoy the following perks:

  • Free flight to and from Dubai
  • 5* hotel
  • Rolls Royce Pickup
  • A Golden Investor Visa if they invest a minimum of 2M AED

The UAE is working hard, striving to continue the development of various programs, initiatives, and policies, together with all kinds of strong strategies that promote a happy life aligned with the best international standard that people are looking for.