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Best Family Holiday Destinations in the World: Top 10 of 2023

25 Jul, 2023
Best Family Holiday Destinations in the World: Top 10 of 2023

Are you looking for the Best Family Holiday Destinations in the World? We've listed down the 10  best destinations for you and your family!

Whether you're looking for an exciting adventure or a relaxing retreat, these destinations will provide you and your family with an unforgettable experience. There's something for everyone, from breathtaking scenery to international cuisine.

Not only that, but each destination has its own set of activities that are ideal for families of all ages and sizes. We have it all, whether you want big city thrills or quaint markets. So let's take a look at the World's Best Family Holiday Destinations!

Best Family Holiday Destinations In The World

Best Family Holiday Destinations in the World: Top 10 of 2023

Family Holiday Vacations can be a chore to plan. Where would you go? What’s the ideal destination that offers something for everyone? Well, we’ve got the perfect list for you. Whether you want big city thrills or quaint markets, these destinations will give you and your family an unforgettable experience.

Each destination has activities ideal for families of all ages and sizes. So let's look at the Best Family Holiday Destinations in the World!

  • Dubai, UAE
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Costa Rica
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Swiss Alps, Switzerland
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Hamilton, New Zealand
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Tokyo, Japan

Dubai, UAE

Best Family Holiday Destinations in the World: Top 10 of 2023

First on our list of the Best Family Holiday Destinations in the World is Dubai!

Dubai is a family holiday destination that rocks. From world-class hospitality to amazing adventures, there's something for everyone in this city of superlatives. If your family enjoys IG- worthy skyscrapers, pristine beaches, and endless shopping, then Dubai is a must-see!

Emirates also has a sunny climate, and because of this, families can enjoy the sun all year.

In addition, there are multiple activities you can do and theme parks for your family to enjoy, or go to the Desert Safaris and have barbeque while you watch the sunset!

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On the other hand, if adventures outside the main city are not your cup of tea, then a walk around shopping malls that has multiple indoor activities for families will do the trick. However, you can visit souks and check the local textiles and spices if you prefer a more relaxing activity.

ProTip: Mind your clothes and etiquette. Dubai has rigorous traditional values that should be respected and followed. As they say, when in Rome do as the Romans do.

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Orlando, Florida

Best Family Holiday Destinations in the World: Top 10 of 2023

Every family is welcome, as Orlando, Florida has everything to offer! Like Dubai, Orlando's sunny climate all year makes it ideal for outdoor activities. In fact, the city has dozens of theme parks, including the famous Universal Orlando Resort and Walt Disney World.

Orlando also offers multiple activities for families outside theme parks. From mini golfs to Indoor Skydiving, finding something that suits your family’s needs is easy. And if you just want to kick back and relax, why not visit one of the nearby beaches? Or better yet go shopping at Disney Springs!

ProTip: Always book in advance. You can get the best theme park ticket deals when you buy your tickets months ahead.

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Costa Rica

Want to spend time with Nature? Then Costa Rica is the place for you.

Thanks to its rich biodiversity and abundant wildlife, you and your family will definitely find paradise.  You can choose an adventurous hike with your family through La Leona Waterfall, or explore an active volcano and soak in volcanic heated pools at Volcán Arenal.

What if you don’t want a tiring activity? There are jungle cruise available that goes through canals of Tortuguero or the wild wetlands of Caño Negro. You can also sleep in a tree house surrounded by lush forestlands at Maquenque Eco Lodge.

With its stunning natural beauty, abundance of activities, and friendly people, it's no wonder that Costa Rica is one of the Best Family Holiday Destinations in the World.

ProTip: Eat at ‘Sodas’, which are small eateries for local food. It’s cheaper and tastes just as good as any local restaurant.

Barcelona, Spain

Best Family Holiday Destinations in the World: Top 10 of 2023

As the city is known for its art and architecture, there are mainly two things most people would like to see when coming to Barcelona: Basilica de La Sagrada Familia, a World Heritage site, and the Barcelona Football Team. Both have specific guided tours that your family can join.

But there is more to visit in Barcelona because the city has a rich history and culture and is home to eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These sites include Park Güell, and Casa Milà, all designed by Antoni Gaudí. Visitors can also explore the Gothic Quarter, the Ramblas, and Barceloneta Beach.

There is something for everyone in Barcelona, and it is a city that will leave you wanting to come back for more.

ProTip: Basilica de La Sagrada and other popular attractions have long waiting lines and fast ticket sales. Booking a Guided tour ensures your visit to the famous landmarks.

Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Best Family Holiday Destinations in the World: Top 10 of 2023

Next on our list of the Best Family Holiday Destinations in the World is the Swiss Alps in Switzerland!

The Swiss Alps are famous for their beautiful high-peak mountain range. While they're best known for winter activities like skiing and snowboarding, they're actually an all-season destination.

In the summer, you can go hiking, mountain biking, and exploring the alpine landscapes, which are great activities for families who love being in touch with nature.

Aside from these, you can also visit quaint villages like Zermatt, known as the car-free village, and explore the history of the Alps. If you want to have some slow days, you will enjoy the beautiful mountain view from a cafe in town, or you can take the Jungfrau railway towards its peak for a more IG-friendly view.

ProTip: If you get dizzy while hiking the Alps, consider it altitude sickness, immediately climb back down, and always hydrate. Many emergency rescues are because of Altitude sickness, so better be prepared, don’t panic, and always go by pair.

Cape Town, South Africa

Visiting the oldest city in South Africa is a holiday you wouldn’t want to miss.

Cape Town is a vibrant and beautiful city surrounded by nature that will take your breath away.

For some adrenaline rush, ride the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway or paraglide high above the city for stunning beaches and Table Mountain views.

You can also visit the World Heritage Site, Robben Island. It’s one ferry away, and you can immerse yourself in the island’s 500-year-old rich history.

ProTip: Weather in Cape Town can be temperamental. Always bring warm clothes.

Cairo, Egypt

Of course, we also have Cairo! It’s a vibrant metropolis with a rich history, diverse culture, and numerous attractions. It’s also known as “the city of a thousand minarets,” cos it has numerous mosques, castles, and churches.

But you can’t say your visit to Cairo is complete Cairo without witnessing the Great Pyramids of Giza along with The Sphinx. Alternatively, you can explore the souks where you can find all kinds of trinkets and jewelry pieces.

ProTip: Keep small change in hand. Public toilets have attendants, and people are expected to tip them when using them.

Hamilton, New Zealand

Best Family Holiday Destinations in the World: Top 10 of 2023

With its picturesque landscapes and rich cultural heritage, Hamilton has become a popular choice for families seeking a memorable holiday.

You can walk through the famous Hamilton Garden; the garden tells the story of the plants and people through different civilizations. You can also visit the Hobbiton™ Movie Set and enjoy the set used for the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Movies.

And if your family seeks more adventurous activities, the nearby Waikato River is perfect for Black Water Rafting. You can also experience caving with glow worms lighting up your path. Isn’t that cool?

Protip: New Zealand’s currency does not carry 1, 2, or 5 cent coins. So don’t be surprised when locals round prices up to the nearest 10.

Bangkok, Thailand

Best Family Holiday Destinations in the World: Top 10 of 2023

Bangkok is a dynamic city that will amaze you with its unique blend of tradition and modernity. From the grandeur of the Grand Palace to the bustling night markets of Chinatown, Bangkok is a cultural feast for the senses.

Also, try the delicious street food you can see on almost every city corner. We swear that it can match most restaurant food. And if you want a unique shopping experience, don’t forget to try the famous floating markets for souvenirs.

ProTip: GrabTaxi app can be a life saver (GrabTaxi is similar to Uber where you can book a ride anywhere).

While it's easy to hail Tuk Tuks, you’ll most likely need to haggle the price most of the time.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is a destination your family definitely doesn’t want to miss. From shopping, theme parks, and cultural sites, the city is full of activities you and your family can enjoy.

Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea are popular attractions for families. Hello Kitty fans will love Sanrio Puroland, and shoppers can find everything from high-end fashion to unique souvenirs in the city's many shopping districts.

Those looking for a more cultural experience can visit Tokyo's numerous temples and shrines or learn about the city's rich history and traditions at one of its several museums.

With just so much to see and do, Tokyo indeed deserve a spot in our list of Best Family Holiday Destinations in the World.

ProTip: The best months to travel for Cherry Blossoms are March and May. But most people arrive by the end of March as that’s when the trees start to bloom.

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A family vacation is a great way to create lifelong memories and strengthen families. You can choose an adventurous vacation or the most relaxing holiday getaway. Any option will make memories for your family that will last a lifetime.

But for a more seamless trip, here are some tips for planning a successful family vacation:

  • Be flexible with your plans. When traveling with kids, things sometimes go differently than planned, so be prepared to roll with the punches.
  • Pack light. The less you have to carry, the easier it will be to get around.
  • Make sure everyone has a role to play. This will help keep everyone involved and engaged in the trip.

So what are you waiting for?

Use our list of Best Family Holiday Destinations in the World and start planning your family vacation today!

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