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Best Nurseries in Dubai 2023: What Parents Need to Know

05 Oct, 2023
Best Nurseries in Dubai 2023: What Parents Need to Know

Looking for the Best Nurseries in Dubai for your child? We listed everything you need to know when deciding which nursery to choose.

Congratulations on your decision to start a family in Dubai! Many nurseries in Dubai provide exceptional care for your little ones, making it a perfect city to grow kids. However, finding the ideal nursery for your infant is one of the most crucial choices you'll have to make as a new parent, and choosing the right nursery might be challenging with so many choices available.

So, we have put up a list of the top nurseries in Dubai to assist you in making the best choice. To make sure you choose the ideal nursery for your kid, we have considered many aspects, including care standards, curriculum, and more. So, if you're looking for the Best Nurseries in Dubai, look no further!

  • What Makes the Best Nurseries?
  • Top 5 Best Nurseries in Dubai
  • British Orchard Nursery
  • Chubby Cheeks Nursery
  • Kangaroo Kids Nursery
  • Emirates British Nursery
  • Blossom Nursery
  • Best Nurseries in Dubai: Takeaway!

What Makes the Best Nurseries?

Best Nurseries in Dubai 2023: What Parents Need to Know

When looking for a nursery in Dubai for your little one, you want to make sure they have everything needed to give your child the best start. So, what makes the Best Nurseries in Dubai?

Facilities: Look for spacious, well-equipped classrooms with lots of natural light. An outdoor play area, library, and cafeteria are ideal. Safety and hygiene should be top priorities.

Activities: The best nurseries offer programs to help your child in all areas of development. Things like art projects, music, and dance exposure are great for creativity. Field trips and guest speakers help learning come alive. Sports and outdoor play promote health and coordination.

Staff: The most crucial factor is the teachers and staff. Look for nurseries employing highly qualified, experienced, and caring educators. Low student-teacher ratios, especially for younger kids, mean more individual attention. The teaching staff should have training in early children development, first aid, and lesson plan creation.

With the right facilities, activities, and devoted staff, a nursery can give your child a nurturing environment to learn and grow.

So, remember that choosing a nursery focused on your child’s well-being and development will give them the best start in life.

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Top 5 Best Nurseries in Dubai

Even knowing what makes a good nursery for your child, choosing can be a difficult decision. So, here are the top 5 Best Nurseries in Dubai.

British Orchard Nursery

First is British Orchard Nursery, it’s a well-known and highly regarded nursery in Dubai. Established in 2003, it is one of the UAE's largest and most awarded nursery chains.

BON offers a safe and nurturing environment for your children. They have spacious classrooms, well-equipped play areas, and age-appropriate toys. British Orchard Nursery has branches across Dubai, making it convenient for parents to choose a location that suits them.

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Chubby Cheeks Nursery

Next in our list is Chubby Cheeks Nursery; it’s a nursery known for their home-like environment that emphasizes learning through play. They have an excellent student-to-teacher ratio, and staff are highly qualified.

In addition, they also use a Reggio Emilia-inspired approach. This approach is where children learn naturally through creative activities, interactions, and exploration.

They have convenient locations in Jumeirah and Al Barsha.

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Kangaroo Kids Nursery

Best Nurseries in Dubai 2023: What Parents Need to Know

Kangaroo Kids Nursery is a well-established nursery in Dubai, open since 1993. They also focus on learning through play and interaction for children 3 months to 4 years.

Moreover, the nursery supports the development of social, cognitive, and physical skills. They have over 15 locations across Dubai, including Jumeirah, Al Barsha, and Dubai Marina. Kangaroo Kids is also very affordable compared to other top nurseries.

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Emirates British Nursery

We also have Emirates British Nursery on the list.  It’s a well-known nursery in Dubai that follows the British Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum (EYFS). The nursery provides a safe learning environment with well-equipped classrooms and play areas.

They also focus on creating an environment that encourages exploration, creativity, and social interaction. Emirates British Nursery prides themselves on having state-of-the-art facilities to help the kids’s development.

Blossom Nursery

Lastly is Blossom Nursery, it’s a well-regarded nursery known for its high-quality early childhood education. The nursery follows an integrated approach to early childhood education. They incorporate elements of the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum and aspects of Montessori philosophy.

More importantly, they focus on creating a welcoming, nurturing atmosphere that supports children's independence.

Blossom Nursery has many branches, with 30 locations across Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

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Best Nurseries in Dubai: Takeaway!

As a parent, finding the right place for your little one is an important decision. You want a nurturing environment, caring teachers, and a place that will stimulate their growth and development.

The nurseries above are the best in their fields, but at the end of the day, you know your child best.

So, go with what feels right for your family. Their early years fly by quickly, so make the most of this stage and enjoy watching your child blossom at one of Dubai's premier nurseries.

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