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Best Restaurants in Dubai 2023

13 Jul, 2023
Best Restaurants in Dubai 2023

Dining in one of the Best Restaurants in Dubai offers not only a luxurious treat but an overall extraordinary experience. Dubai is known for its vibrant dining scene, with a diverse range of cuisines from all around the world!

So, get ready to tantalize your taste buds as we go through some of the best dining options you can try when you visit the city. In this article, we have listed some of the Best Restaurants in Dubai by their offered cuisine.

Best Restaurants in Dubai per Cuisine

  • Emirati Cuisine
  • Logma
  • Al Fanar Restaurant & Cafe
  • Indian Cuisine
  • Indego by Vineet
  • Trèsind
  • Asian Cuisine
  • Zuma
  • Buddha-bar
  • Fusion Cuisines
  • Enigma
  • Akira Back

Emirati Cuisine


Best Restaurants in Dubai 2023

Logma is a highly regarded restaurant in prime areas such as Boxpark and The Dubai Mall. They are known for their Emirati cuisine cooked with local ingredients and traditional cooking techniques, and presented in a contemporary and innovative way. Logma's modern twist on the cuisine is much appreciated by diners who value authenticity, and creative presentation.

Be sure to try their Logma Fries, Luqaimat, and Karak Chai tea when you visit - these are some of their most popular dishes, and have received high praises from local and foreign customers alike!

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Al Fanar Restaurant & Cafe

Best Restaurants in Dubai 2023

Can’t get enough of Emirati Cuisine? You can’t go wrong with Al Fanar Restaurant & Cafe. They offer a wide range authentic Emirati dishes showcasing the rich culinary heritage of the United Arab Emirates. The restaurant is designed to resemble a traditional Emirati courtyard, creating a cultural ambiance and making the overall dining experience unique.

For diners looking to try a traditional Emirati dish, Al Fanar Restaurant & Cafe is a must-try. It’s one of the Best Restaurants in Dubai for its cuisine and is strategically located in prominent areas, making it accessible to locals and tourists.

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Indian Cuisine

Indego by Vineet

Best Restaurants in Dubai 2023

Indego by Vineet is one of the Best Family Restaurants in Dubai that offers modern Indian cuisine with a contemporary twist. It’s headed by celebrity chef Vineet Bhatia who has earned Michelin stars for his culinary expertise.

Its innovative approach to Indian cuisine is one of the notable aspects of the restaurant. It combines traditional flavors and techniques with global influences, resulting in a memorable dining experience. The fusion of flavors elevates the classic Indian dishes and brings the experience of the guests to a new level.

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Best Restaurants in Dubai 2023

Trèsind is a fine-dining restaurant that offers contemporary Indian cuisine. They’re known for using modern cooking techniques, such as molecular gastronomy, and theatrical presentation, taking Indian cuisine and the dining experience to new heights.

It’s one of the Best Restaurants in Dubai that offers great food and visually stunning and inventive presentation. Tresind focuses on interactive dining experience, often having chefs prepare and present their dishes tableside. It creates a truly immersive experience for diners, allowing guests to learn more about the cuisine.

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Asian Cuisine


Best Restaurants in Dubai 2023

Zuma is a popular restaurant in Dubai, known for its contemporary Japanese cuisine. It is located in the heart of the Dubai International Financial Centre and considered as one of the city’s top-tier dining destinations.

What sets Zuma apart from the other restaurants is its sophisticated take on Japanese cuisine. Their menu features a wide range of dishes that showcase the finest ingredients and are perfectly prepared and presented with precision.

Zuma also offers a popular brunch experience known as the “Zuma Brunch”, a weekend institution in Dubai. It features an extensive buffet spread and live cooking stations. Because of their exceptional Japanese dishes and dining experience, it’s one of the Best Restaurants in Dubai.


Best Restaurants in Dubai 2023

Buddha-Bar is a well-known upscale restaurant that showcases Asian cuisine, with a particular focus on Japanese, Chinese, and Thai flavors. They offer a wide range of dishes–from classic favorites to unique and new creations. Also, Buddha-Bar boasts an extensive beverage offerings, with their bar featuring an impressive collection of premium and rare liquors!

It’s one of the Best Restaurants in Dubai for diners looking to have entertainment while dining – the restaurant regularly hosts live DJ performances for that vibrant atmosphere. Of course the music selection is still tied to their overall Asian theme, and this creates an overall sensory experience for diners.

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Fusion Cuisines


Best Restaurants in Dubai 2023

Enigma is located in Palazzo Versace Dubai. They offer a unique rotating concept that features a series of collaborations with other renowned international chefs. This concept brings different culinary styles and flavors to Dubai, creating a sense of exclusivity for diners, making for a dining experience like no other!

The name Enigma reflects the element of surprise that comes with the different collaborations that the restaurant is taking part of. Every few months, a guest chef takes over the kitchen and offers their own interpretation of the cuisine.

The rotating concept attracted the attention both from food enthusiasts and food critics. It allows the guests to explore a wide range of culinary traditions and appreciate the talents of world-class chefs in making exciting and innovative dishes.

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Akira Back

Best Restaurants in Dubai 2023

Akira Back, named after its head chef, the renowned chef Akira Back, is a well-known restaurant in Dubai offering dishes that are a fusion of Japanese and Korean cuisine. The menu showcases innovative dishes that blend traditional Japanese and modern elements that create distinctive flavors.

As one of the Best Restaurants in Dubai, Akira Back’s signature dishes are a must-try! Their most popular dishes include Wagyu Short Rib, AB Tacos, and Tuna Pizza.

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Which is the Best Restaurant in Dubai?

The Best Restaurant in Dubai is subjective, as it depends on your cuisine preferences. However, there are a few factors that you can consider, like the type of cuisine you wanna try, price range you are comfortable with, and the atmosphere you are looking for.

Getting food for takeaways? Why not!

All these restaurants are in the Best Restaurants in Dubai list for a reason: satisfying our food cravings and making it a unique dining experience. The restaurant scene in Dubai is incredibly vibrant, diverse, and constantly evolving, so diners are always in for a treat of an exciting culinary journey.  We hope this list helps you decide which one to try next!

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