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Top 10 British Curriculum Schools in Dubai

15 Sep, 2023
Top 10 British Curriculum Schools in Dubai

Dubai is well known for its most mesmerizing skylines adorned by sparkling scrappers. Amidst the city's rapid growth and modernization, one aspect has remained constant – the emphasis on providing world-class education. For families seeking the British curriculum and educational excellence, Dubai offers a wide selection of schools.

In this blog, we'll guide you through the top 10 British curriculum schools in Dubai. These educational institutions offer a traditional British pattern of studies and create an ideal environment for students to thrive.

Whether you're a parent considering relocating to this dynamic city or a resident looking to make an informed choice, our comprehensive guide will navigate you through the outstanding British schools that Dubai has to offer.

Best British Curriculum Schools in Dubai

The British Curriculum is a structured educational system that commences in early childhood education and culminates with GCSEs (General Certificate of Education). It offers a clear roadmap for students, facilitating their pursuit of academic objectives with precision.

  • Kings School Al Barsha
  • GEMS Jumeirah Primary School
  • GEMS Royal Dubai School
  • Horizon English School
  • Dubai College
  • Repton School Dubai
  • Dubai British School Emirates Hills
  • GEMS Wellington International School
  • Dubai English Speaking School
  • Jumeirah English Speaking School

Kings School Al Barsha

Top 10 British Curriculum Schools in Dubai

Kings’ School Al Barsha serves a diverse student body from FS1 to Year 13 and has earned an Outstanding rating from the KHDA. With over 2,400 students representing 70+ nationalities, the school comprises a team of dedicated and highly qualified educators who cater to the academic needs of its learners. The institution provides a wide spectrum of extracurricular activities, including options like karate, football, music, netball, and more

  • Curriculum: British (UK)
  • Address: Al Barsha |Umm Suqeim 3
  • KHDA Rating: Outstanding
  • Fees: Al Barsha: AED 53.6k to AED 97.7k
  • Contact Number: Al Barsha: +971-4-356-6900

GEMS Jumeirah Primary School

Top 10 British Curriculum Schools in Dubai

Nestled within a purpose-built campus, GEMS Jumeirah Primary School boasts top-notch faculty facilities designed to enhance the overall educational journey of its students. The school's educators are dedicated to imparting knowledge through productive activities and hands-on experiments. They encourage scholars to nurture their curiosity, explore new concepts, embrace the learning process, and learn from both successes and setbacks. To aid teachers in achieving these objectives, the institution equips them with cutting-edge educational technology. GEMS Jumeirah Primary School provides classes spanning from FS 1 to Year 6, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching educational experience.

  • Curriculum: British
  • Location: Al Safa 1
  • KHDA Rating: Outstanding
  • Fees: AED 40.8k to 51.5k
  • Contact Number: +971-4-394-3500

GEMS Royal Dubai School

Top 10 British Curriculum Schools in Dubai

Established in 2005, GEMS Royal Dubai School has consistently earned an Outstanding rating from the KHDA year after year. The school's academic pattern is based on the National Curriculum for England, covering the Foundation Stage and Primary School years. This curriculum is thoughtfully enriched with state-of-the-art technology, comprehensive science programs, a wide range of sports activities, and a plethora of extracurricular opportunities to benefit its students.

  • Curriculum: British
  • Location: Mirdif
  • KHDA Rating: Outstanding
  • Fees: AED 38.3k to 48.3k
  • Contact Number: +971-4-288-6499

Horizon English School

Top 10 British Curriculum Schools in Dubai

Horizon English School serves students aged 3 to 11, with a commitment to offering equal opportunities to all learners from FS1 to Year 6. The dedicated teaching team provides individualized attention, ensuring that students of varying abilities receive the support they need. The school's educational philosophy fosters a stimulating, inventive, and enjoyable classroom atmosphere.

  • Curriculum: British
  • KHDA Rating: Outstanding
  • Location: Street 30B, off Al Wasl Road
  • Fees: AED 40.9k to 55k
  • Contact Number: +971-4-342-2891

Dubai College

Top 10 British Curriculum Schools in Dubai

Dubai College is a prominent College in Dubai and is among the earliest British educational institutions in Dubai. The college offers education from 7-Year-olds to 13-Year-olds. Established during the late 1970s, Dubai College has earned the distinction of being considered a premier institution in Dubai, often likened to an "Ivy League" school and a top choice for ambitious parents.

The school remains dedicated to enhancing the overall student experience and places great emphasis on sports, regularly participating in competitive tournaments. In addition to its diverse and comprehensive academic offerings, Dubai College provides robust support and guidance for students interested in pursuing non-academic paths such as music and the arts. Notably, the school's music department hosts large-scale concerts in its auditorium, further enriching the student experience.

  • Curriculum: British
  • KHDA Rating: Outstanding
  • Location: Al Sufouh 2
  • Fees: AED 86.6k to AED 98k
  • Contact Number: +971-4-399-9111

Repton School Dubai

Top 10 British Curriculum Schools in Dubai

Repton School stands out as a prominent British educational institution in Dubai. Inaugurated in 2007, the school is proud to have established an exclusive global partnership with Repton School in England.

Apart from its exceptional facilities, Repton is distinguished as one of the rare schools in Dubai that offers boarding facilities. Consequently, securing admission to Repton has become highly competitive, cementing its status as one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the city.

  • Curriculum: British
  • Location: Nad Al Sheba 3
  • KHDA Rating: Outstanding
  • Fees: AED 52.8k to AED 95k
  • Contact Number: +971-4-426-9393

Dubai British School Emirates Hills

Top 10 British Curriculum Schools in Dubai

Founded in 2005, Dubai British School Emirates Hills is an esteemed member of the Taaleem Education group and stands as one of the premier British schools in Dubai. Students receive a comprehensive education that emphasizes academic achievement and fosters creativity. Additionally, educators are equipped with cutting-edge tools to deliver high-quality instruction in the classrooms.

In addition to its core academic programs and resources, Dubai British School places significant importance on extracurricular activities. The students have access to facilities such as swimming pools, racket sports courts and a well-stocked library, enhancing their capacity for problem-solving and creative thinking. Situated in Emirates Hills, DBS is an excellent educational choice for families residing in The Springs, The Meadows, and The Lakes.

GEMS Wellington International School

Top 10 British Curriculum Schools in Dubai

GEMS Wellington International School, a co-educational institution, has established a stellar reputation for its outstanding facilities and high educational standards. Furthermore, students have access to a tennis court, indoor and outdoor pools, and sports pitches for physical activities. The teaching staff at GEMS Wellington International School undergo rigorous training and possess extensive qualifications. Notably, the school's observatory stands out as a highlight, capable of accommodating 472 individuals at a time, providing awe-inspiring views of the universe.

  • Address: Al Sufouh, Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Fees: AED 43.9k to AED 95.5k
  • Curriculum: British

Dubai English Speaking School

Top 10 British Curriculum Schools in Dubai

Dubai English Speaking School offers quality education to a diverse student body of over 900 children, spanning from FS 1 to Year 6. Established in 1963, it has earned its reputation as one of the premier British schools in Dubai

  • Curriculum: British
  • Address: Oud Metha
  • KHDA Rating: Outstanding
  • Fees: AED 35.4k to 75k
  • Contact Number: +971-4-337-1457

Jumeirah English Speaking School

Top 10 British Curriculum Schools in Dubai

Jumeirah English Speaking School's principal objective is to foster independent thinking, recognizing that education thrives on creativity, fresh perspectives, and instinctive insights. The institution has two branches in the emirate, offering convenient options for parents residing in Jumeirah and Arabian Ranches.

  • Curriculum: British
  • Address: Al Safa| Arabian Ranches
  • Fees: AED 39.8k to 93.8k
  • KHDA Rating: Outstanding
  • Contact Number: +971-4-361-9019

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