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The 8 Best Gated Communities in Abu Dhabi

08 Aug, 2023
The 8 Best Gated Communities in Abu Dhabi

Living abroad has been a life’s dream for many. But only a few dared to transform this dream into a reality. We are here to do precisely this: to help you decide how to make this life’s dream become a reality.

The UAE has become the place of choice for a lot of people who decided to move abroad and get a second home there. The reasons for which more and more people choose the UAE as their second home are many, and the safety of life is one of them. The luxurious lifestyle in the UAE, especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, has become the top attraction for individuals who are thinking of traveling the world.

A high level of safety also makes people choose the Emirati and below you can check out the main reasons for which the UAE is a complex hub for the whole world regarding safety and security levels.

Safety Levels In The UAE

The UAE is a place that is often referred to as having massive levels of safety, and expats can enjoy new luxurious lives with no fear of crime. Feeling safe is extremely important, especially in a world in which times have been so troubled during the past few years with the pandemic and all the geopolitical issues that have been taking place.

For instance, Abu Dhabi and Dubai have a really high standard of safety, and events involving crime are extremely rare. Also, it’s very important to note the fact that the penalties for breaking the laws in the UAE are pretty severe and expats should become familiarized with the local customs and laws in order to avoid attracting unwanted attention.

About Crime In The UAE

As everywhere on this planet, burglaries can and do occur in the UAE, especially during the summer months, and a lot of expat families are returning to their home countries, and they leave their second homes in the UAE vacant. But, it’s useful to note the fact that it’s considered safe to walk around late at night in the cities and to also take taxis. Contrary to public opinion, women who walk on their own are not considered to be targets which are at risk, but they should make sure that they dress modestly, as there have already been some occasional reports of harassing women.

Safety On The Roads In The UAE

Toad safety in the UAE is another matter of concern that we should discuss. Even if road-traffic fatalities have definitely decreased recently, driving here is a pretty serious matter. There are a lot of important financial penalties for dangerous driving and speeding as well, but they are well within most people’s financial means. This makes them not as severe as one might think.

On the other hand, it’s essential to note the fact that the UAE has zero tolerance for drinking and driving, and the penalties in such cases are severe. They can also include jail time besides fines.

All traffic accidents have to be reported regardless of the degree of severity, and this is another issue that is vital to remember.

Protests And Terrorism In The UAE

The UAE was not affected by the Arab Spring back in 2011, and the wealth of the country, along with the high living standards, are only mirroring the fact that there is not so much economic and social dissent against the government. Protests and public demonstrations are generally pretty rare here. Also, it’s worth noting the fact that the UAE does not have a high degree of terrorism threats. On the other hand, there are some governments that have already warned about the potential extremist attacks around. This is due to the close proximity of the UAE to other volatile countries in the Middle east. It’s also due to the large Western expat community.

Travel Safe website notes that the overall traveling risks to the UAE are low.

“The United Arab Emirates is a very safe country to travel to. Many say that it is among the safest countries in the world, and it is also ranked 31st in the ranking of the safest and most dangerous countries. Overall, safety should not be an issue if you plan on traveling to the UAE.”

Top Gated Communities In Abu Dhabi

Here are the top gated communities in Abu Dhabi where people can enjoy a luxurious and safe life.

  • Al Raha Gardens
  • Jawaher Saadiyat
  • Nalaya Villas
  • Seashore Villas
  • Al Bateen Park Villas
  • Mangrove Village
  • The Hills
  • Akoya Oxygen

Al Raha Gardens

The 8 Best Gated Communities in Abu Dhabi

This is one amazing gated community that a lot of people have already chosen for their dream life. This specific neighborhood features a lot of great, beautiful, and traditionally designed waterfront villas. You will definitely all in love with this amazing scenery, as you will see for yourself if you take a look at this location.

It’s important to note the fact that the oceanfront community is offering residents a peaceful oasis. This is basically a retreat wat from all the hectic life of the city, and it’s perfect for people who want to have a peaceful life and hassle-free time. Another noteworthy thing is the fact that people who decide to live here can enjoy easy access to essential facilities, including schools and healthcare venues. More than that, it’s also worth noting that the area puts tenants and homeowners close to trendy leisure destinations like Yas Island and Yas Beach.

The average sales price for villas in Al Raha Garden stands at AED 3.1M.

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Jawaher Saadiyat

The 8 Best Gated Communities in Abu Dhabi

The location will offer people who decided to move here and have an amazing life some pretty scenic views of the Saadiyat Golf Club.

This specific gated community is an extremely safe place, and it can be another good option for families or investors who are looking for homes in the capital.

This area can be a complete success, especially among those who love a round of golf now and then.

It’s also important to point out the fact that Beachgoers will be happy to know that the area is only 6 minutes away from an amazing place – the Saadiyat Beach, which is near the famous Saadiyat Beach Club.

According to the current notes, a villa for rent at Jawaher Saadiyat may have multiple amenities. These include a swimming pool, a garden, covered parking, and a maid’s room. What more could someone want? According to the price list, the average sales price of a villa in Jawaher Saadiyat is AED 8.2M.

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Nalaya Villas

The 8 Best Gated Communities in Abu Dhabi

This location is another paradisiac spot for people who love luxury and a safe life as well. It is located on the edge of the amazing Al Reem Island in Abu Dhabi, and this is the very first gated community that has leasable villas located on the whole island. Another plus that this gated community has is the fact that the villa designs have been gaining massive popularity and a high rate of interest among the tenants since they entered this real estate market despite the pretty high prices that thay are currently displaying.

The luxurious villas that you will be able to find here can be mistaken for jaw-dropping vacay locations in the countries that are popular for such getaways. We’re talking about the likes of Maldives and more paradisiac spots like this. It’s also important to let you know the fact that each one of the villas that you will be able to find here overlooks amazingly clear waters of the Arabian Gulf that is complemented by natural greeneries. There is also access to private beaches as well, and this is amazing for people who are in love with nature.

If you are interested in some price examples, well, you should know that a three-bedroom villa starts at AED 200,000 per year and a villa that features five bedrooms starts at AED 280,000 per year.

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Seashore Villas

The 8 Best Gated Communities in Abu Dhabi

It’s also worth noting the fact that this is another gem that is located in the heart of Abu Dhabi Gate City. The location offers people the beach lifestyle that they have always dreamed about. Neighboring Mangrove Village, the gated community, is a prime one, and here, you will see that you can get your hands on everything that you need.

A four-bedroom villa located here is priced at AED 180,000 per year. The spot is filled with amazing greeneries, swimming pools, restaurants for all the tastes out there, and everything else that you might need.

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Al Bateen Park Villas

The 8 Best Gated Communities in Abu Dhabi

This is the fourth heavenly location on this list that we chose to address due to the beauty and safety of the location as well. Al Dar Properties bought Al Bateen Park back in 2012. It’s essential to note the fact that this is one of the most exclusive gated communities in the country for UAE nationals only. This brings about state-of-the-art facilities surrounded by amazing landscaped gardens.

The location offers people amazing facilities that can make life a dream here, and it’s no wonder that more and more people are choosing it.

If you’re curious to learn details regarding prices of renting at Al Bateen Park Villas, you should know that a four-bedroom townhouse starts at AED 230,000/year, and a six villa bedroom villa starts at AED 180,000/year.

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Mangrove Village

The 8 Best Gated Communities in Abu Dhabi

This is another gated community that can turn all your dreams into reality if you choose to live here. This place has an amazing reputation, and if you check out the details about the location, you will completely understand why. This community is located within the esteemed Abu Dhabi Gate City. Mangrove Village is able to provide you with the serenity of a beachfront lifestyle.

Regarding the prices here, it’s useful to know the fact that a five-bedroom villa starts with AED 230,000 a year.

The Hills

The 8 Best Gated Communities in Abu Dhabi

Welcome to one other paradisiac location where people choose to spend high-quality time at. This is a cluster of villas that are tucked away from the public eye in the tAl Maqtaa area of the capital. The amazing location is quite the luxurious option for a potential new home for our pickiest clients.

It’s also important to mention the fact that the location is pretty impressive, and a lot of people have already said this. This spot offers very easy access to the rest of Abu Dhabi and all the other hotspots that you might need.

Here, you will be able to find a true community that is combined with an elegant lifestyle. Safety is not an issue here, and this gated community offers people the most comfortable life that one could wish for. If you’re wondering what more key points the spot has, well, you should learn that most of the villas that you can find here come with private pools. It’s not too far-fetched to say that this location can make your dreams come true, without a doubt.

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Akoya Oxygen

The 8 Best Gated Communities in Abu Dhabi

This location is named after the Japanese term known as the pearl. This is definitely an appropriate name, and it alludes to the natural beauty of this specific real estate. Here, you can find opulent villas and townhouses that are surrounded by a massive amount of greeneries which makes the location seem a part of paradise. They also have elegant and modern interiors, and the gated community is also a dream come true for a lot of investors who already chose to get a place here.

One other interesting thing that is worth noting is the fact that Akoya Oxygen is the first authentically “green” estate. For people who are looking for the perfect home of their dreams, and a home to match the environmentally conscious lifestyle, this Dubai neighborhood is the perfect spot for them.

The sale and investment options and opportunities here are pretty varied; for instance, a two-bedroom villa is sold for about AED 1 million.

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Closing Words

These are just some of the most amazing occasions for people who are interested in a luxurious lifestyle in Abu Dhabi but also in gated communities where they can feel the safest. In order to learn more relevant details about rental locations and buying or investment opportunities, feel free to contact Starling Properties. Our team of experts is here to fulfill all of your needs. Don’t hesitate to drop us a message, and we’ll offer you the best options that are accordingly to your financial needs and life desires.

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