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Top Reason To Consider Relocating For A Better, Sustainable Future | villas for sale in dubai

12 Jan, 2023
Top Reason To Consider Relocating For A Better, Sustainable Future | villas for sale in dubai

A greener future for the planet and more sustainability are some of the most important goals that developed nations are focused on these days. The UAE is no exception, and according to the latest reports, the country is also focused on these issues. Enabling more sustainable growth is an essential matter that Dubai and other cities in the UAE are targeting, according to the latest news, and for some, these represent crucial reasons for which they decide to move to the UAE.

As we already reported, the UAE is shining at the beginning of 2023, just as it did during the whole of 2022, and Dubai is genuinely a world hub for the latest technologies and tourism. The city highlights the nation’s efforts to become a location of the future where investors are more than welcome. The nation has been making massive efforts in this direction, and the vast influx of investors who are coming here from all over the world is enough to highlight the success of such moves.

Lots of people from all over the world have already considered moving to the UAE, especially to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in an effort to preserve or boost their wealth. Dubai is a city in the UAE that managed to understand the importance of financial freedom, and this is the very reason for which they are also promoting the use of digital assets, boosting the whole crypto ecosystem worldwide.

The fact that the nation is accepting crypto payments does nothing else than boost the mainstream adoption of digital assets and their underlying technology, the blockchain. These represent the future, and all nations that want to ride the wave of success financially, socially, and from more points of view are making efforts to keep up with the times regarding tech and finance.

Now, it’s also been revealed that the UAE issued a resolution on compliance with the Emiratisation regulations.

According to the latest official reports, the UAE is making a significant move regarding this legal issue.

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UAE issues crucial resolution

It's been just revealed this year, and this resolution is one that stipulates the controls for compliance with the Emiratisation systems, jobs ads, and also employer obligations when you are hiring a UAE national. This is really important for people who are looking for new jobs here, and it's also great info for the ones who are coming from abroad to live here.

According to the latest reports, The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has just dropped Ministerial Resolution No. 663 of 2022. This is about compliance with Emiratisation regulations in the private sector.

It's worth noting the fact that this resolution is addressing the controls for compliance with the Emiratisation systems, job advertisements, and employer obligations when hiring a UAE national. More than that, it's also important to note the fact that, in return, enabling the nation to perform his/her work and obligations.

MoHRE said in a statement just recently: "Expanding Emiratisation in the country requires regulating all aspects and components. We are keen to specify the duties and obligations of all parties, set laws to regulate recently observed violations through intensifying inspection visits, define necessary measures and ensure that all parties follow them."

It's also important that we mention the fact that one of the issues that is included in this resolution is the fact that when advertising for Emiratisation jobs, the establishments should not make reference to the government's Emiratisation policies or their benefits. This should not happen unless they have obtained prior permission from the Ministry.

This aforementioned resolution also prohibits any misleading advertisements, which are basically not available and real job opportunities or advertise an unskilled jobs or include the government subsidy benefits and incentives that are related to Emiratis in the private sector in advertisements.

This resolution is also calling on business owners to enable Emiratis to perform their duties. It does this by offering appropriate workplaces and tools, besides giving them the minimum necessary training and skills. 

It's also important to note the fact that this is also prohibiting them from carrying out any deductions in Emiratis' salaries under the pretext of "benefiting from the government's support programme."

One other issue that has to be mentioned in relation to this important resolution is the fact that it considers payment of lower salaries to Emirati employees.

We should also mention the fact that when hiring an Emirati, the employer will have to obtain a work permit for that person from the Ministry. They also have to sign a contract and also pay the salaries as per the defined regulations. 

It's also important that we mention the fact that the employer will have to register UAE nationals. They also have to pay monthly pension and social security contributions, according to the legislation, within a month from the date of issuance of their work permit.

One other issue that we do have to bring up regarding the subject is the fact that the employer should cancel the Emirati's work permit as soon as the contractual relationship is terminated.

They also have to report any change that is made to the employment contract in a way that affects the conditions related to the benefits of the Nafis program.

On the other hand, this resolution is also saying the following, according to official reports: "the Emirati employees' obligations when joining a private sector establishment, including his/her commitment to the relevant decrees, laws, and decisions related to the Nafis program, adherence to the conditions in the contract signed by him/her, including reporting any violations to the Ministry."

Before we get to the next subject that we want to address in this article, we have to mention the fact that this ministerial resolution is also defining fake Emiratisation.

How is this seen? Well, this is seen as follows, according to the official notes: 

"a forged employment of a UAE national by issuing a work permit under his/her name and registering the employee in the facility for a purpose other than the intended purpose of the permit, as well as the finalisation of a work contract with an objective to circumvent the laws and ministerial resolutions that regulate the work of Emiratis in the private sector aimed at unlawfully benefiting from the government support systems and incentives related to the employment of UAE nationals."