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Best Gyms in Palm Jumeirah

28 Aug, 2023
Best Gyms in Palm Jumeirah

Beyond the workout regimes, the gyms at The Palm Jumeirah themselves are architectural marvels, designed to provide a refreshing backdrop for your fitness goals. State-of-the-art equipment, scenic views, and tranquil atmospheres come together to create an environment that inspires and motivates.

Whether you prefer working out under the open sky or within cutting-edge facilities, Palm Jumeirah's gyms offer a wide range of settings to suit your style.

Top 10 Gyms in Palm Jumeirah

Discover the top 10 gyms in Palm Jumeirah, where fitness meets paradise. Stay motivated and achieve your health goals in the stunning surroundings of Palm Jumeirah's world-class gym facilities.

  • NRG Fitness
  • Chalk Training Ground
  • Fitness Supreme - Personal Trainer Dubai
  • Cota Fitness
  • Nikola - Personal Trainer
  • The Gym Club Dubai
  • Eternity Yoga Center - Palm Jumeirah
  • Fithack

NRG Fitness

Best Gyms in Palm Jumeirah

Their gym provides a wide array of fitness classes, including special programs developed with the guidance of champion athletes. They also offer exclusive nutrition plans crafted by their skilled nutritionists. Their workout routines are based on the latest sports research to ensure optimal effectiveness. Enter their modern studio and pick from an assortment of classes, such as spinning, HIIT, suspension training, weight training, aerial stretch, animal flow, Zumba, reiki meditation, dance, and even classes for kids.

  • Location- Murjan Tower, Shop A-7, Marina Walk - behind Marina Walk Fountain - Dubai Marina – Dubai
  • Phone- +971 50 652 7722

Chalk Training Ground

Best Gyms in Palm Jumeirah

They provide an incredibly varied class schedule focusing on High Intensity Interval Training, Functional Circuits, Endurance Training, and Weightlifting, along with Strength and Conditioning.

  • Location- New Golden Mile 3, the Palm Jumeriah
  • Phone- +971 50 771 2818


Best Gyms in Palm Jumeirah

Outstanding amenities await you, including a coffee lounge, roomy changing areas, showers, saunas, outdoor running tracks, and free unlimited parking. It offers more than 15 highly specialized classes.

Other services include- Nutrition consulting, personal training, aerobics, youth classes, private lessons, kickboxing, Pilates, and many more.

  • Location- Mezzanine (M) Floor, Golden Mile 7, Palm - 7 Palm Jumeirah Road - Jumeirah – Dubai
  • Phone- +971 4 510 8569

Fitness Supreme - Personal Trainer Dubai

Best Gyms in Palm Jumeirah

They provide a range of training choices for you to achieve a healthy lifestyle and improve your fitness. Their team of certified trainers is committed to creating a tailored training plan and offering nutritional guidance to help with weight loss, strength building, and endurance enhancement. Whether you're aiming to get fit quickly with the help of a skilled trainer or wanting to boost your health and energy through Boxing and Muay Thai, their trainers excel at guiding you towards your goals.

  • Location- The Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Hills, Dubai
  • Number- 971 50 575 8817

Cota Fitness

Best Gyms in Palm Jumeirah

They specialize in distinct Aqua fitness training programs held in water. Their team of skilled instructors is dedicated to improving your mental and physical health. The services include, Aerobics, personal training, cycling, private lessons, water exercise and many more.

  • Location- West Crescent Palm، Located in Raffles, The Palm Dubai - The Palm Jumeirah – Dubai
  • Phone- 058 508 7875

If you're exploring alternatives and facing time constraints, consider the option of personal trainers to maintain your health and fitness in Palm Jumeirah. Below are some other options for fitness club centres and personal trainers in the area.

Nikola - Personal Trainer

Best Gyms in Palm Jumeirah

The services include Nutrition consulting, individual sessions, Fat loss training, muscle building, get in shape program.

  • Location- Nakheel Mall
  • Number- 056 213 7167

The Gym Club Dubai

Best Gyms in Palm Jumeirah

They offer services like Aerobics, Personal Training and Private Lessons.

  • Location- Riva Beach Club, Shoreline 7 & 8, Palm - Jumeirah – Dubai
  • Number- 052 184 9367

Eternity Yoga Center - Palm Jumeirah

Best Gyms in Palm Jumeirah

The services offered are Private Yoga Lessons, Group Yoga Lessons

  • Location- Golden Mile 2, Palm Jumeirah


Best Gyms in Palm Jumeirah

The services include, Nutrition consulting, personal training, youth classes, corporate yoga, prenatal/postnatal yoga & fitness, self-defence, Ice baths and meditation.

  • Location- Serves Palm Jumeirah and many other nearby areas.


Best Gyms in Palm Jumeirah

They offer services like Nutrition consulting, personal training, youth classes, private lessons, Sauna, Weight Area, Yoga, Group Classes and much more.

  • Location- Murjan 6 -Jumeirah Beach Residence – Dubai
  • Contact- 04 572 7494

The gyms on Palm Jumeirah boast a variety of fitness classes and training programs tailored to cater to different fitness levels and preferences. From high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to relaxing yoga sessions, there's something for everyone.

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