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Infrastructure, Information, Gateway; Travel Loyalty Importance in The UAE

17 Feb, 2023
Infrastructure, Information, Gateway; Travel Loyalty Importance in The UAE

Tourism is poised to reach peak heights in the UAE, and this is especially happening in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The trend continues to be an upside one, and the projections for the following years at least until 2030, are extremely optimistic. There are more and more reasons which are taking this nation on such a massive wave of success, and now, we are addressing some of them below.

The world is in the middle of multiple crises, but this is not stopping the UAE from shining bright like a diamond on the map, thanks to the massive boost that we are seeing in the real estate and tourism industry as well. Check out the latest elements that continue to support a boosting development in tourism these days.

The Infrastructure Effect

It’s worth noting the fact that the sheer scale of airport infrastructure in Dubai is definitely one without precedent, and now, the Dubai International is welcoming more than 100 million international passengers.

Dubai managed to become the node between Asia and South America, and this is affecting the future of logistics and mobility on a global scale. This is what Professor Dr. Stefan Walter, managing director of the House of Logistics & Mobility (HOLM), was saying a few years also at Frankfurt International Airport.

It’s also worth noting the fact that the hotel business has always been extremely strong here as well, and the future is one that will bring more encouraging events. Dubai is basically situated in a great cycle overall.