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Invest in Palm Jumeirah: Exclusive Opportunities

19 Jul, 2023
Invest in Palm Jumeirah: Exclusive Opportunities

Dubai is without a doubt one of the most prosperous and continually evolving cities in the world in terms of real estate and the latest gen tech developments. There’s a never-ending high demand for economic growth here, and this is one of the reasons for which people are flocking to Dubai to invest their wealth.

Most of the individuals who come to Dubai to make investments are business people and successful entrepreneurs who come here to have a taste of the luxurious ways of living and to enjoy high ROI.

The luxury properties in Dubai and the real estate investment market altogether have been growing exponentially. This has been happening for the past two decades, and according to the latest prospects, it’s bound to continue in the future years as well.

Why Invest in Palm Jumeirah?

Investing in Palm Jumeirah properties offers a remarkable opportunity for discerning buyers pursuing the ultimate luxury beachfront lifestyle. This man-made island is renowned for its luxury and captivating charm, making it an alluring destination for property value appreciation. The area's ever-increasing demand is a testament to its magnetic appeal, attracting local and international investors and high-profile individuals seeking an exclusive and prestigious living experience. Moreover, the scarcity of prime beachfront properties enhances the allure and exclusivity of owning real estate in Palm Jumeirah.

The Eighth Wonder Of The World

It’s important to note the fact that one of the leading and most demanded locations in Dubai where people are seeking properties to invest their wealth is Palm Jumeirah.

This is a man-made island in the middle of the city which spreads across the coastline. It’s constantly developing, and it does so in order to accommodate more real estate investments from abroad.

The upscale beachfront community, which lies in Palm Jumeirah, hosts a vast palette of residential apartments and luxurious villas. It’s also worth noting the fact that there are multicultural celebrities who are attracted to this location as well, and they mostly fall in love with the exclusivity and the posh ways of living that the community here has to offer.

The luxurious aspects of this community include villas and apartments for rent, private beaches, luxury hotels, marinas, restaurants and cafes, and a massive array of retail outlets as well.

The archipelago is often compared to the eighth wonder of the world, and the amazing uniqueness of this island continues to attract people who appreciate comfortable living and the high-quality services that can be found here.

The development of a unique project has been engaging lots of specialists, starting with various environmentalists and finishing with highly skilled builders. Now, the island of Palm Jumeirah is synonymous with the epitome of a luxurious lifestyle, and it continues to remain the main resort of Dubai.

This year is coming to an end, growth of the Dubai real estate market has been breaking all known records. More than that, the number of tourists and expats that the UAE keeps attracting from all over the world increases, and experts believe that this trend will continue.

This means that the demand for rent and prices will also continue to grow, and this will definitely turn out beneficial for investors who come here. Monetizing the apartment or villa that you buy in Dubai is the main target of investors. The return will be around 15% on a yearly basis, according to expert opinions.

Top 12 Reasons to Invest in Palm Jumeirah

Here are the top 12 reasons for which you should consider investing in Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah.

Here is the most profitable tax scheme

Just in case you did not know, the UAE state policy is no taxes. In the UAE, people don’t pay tax on the acquisition and possession of properties, neither on rental income nor capital gains. There is no inheritance tax, and also, when a gift is made to a blood relative, there will be no payments made.

The only thing that a buyer pays is a registration fee of 4% of the property’s value. All these and even more benefits are making investors come to the UAE, especially Dubai.

UAE real estate market is actively growing

The UAE real estate market continues to develop as we speak. During the pandemic, the UAE was one of the few nations which did not see its real estate market industry falling. The housing market here is actively growing, and housing prices in the most popular Emirate of the UAE in Q1 rose by about 7.54% this year.

The volume of transactions has also been going up, and according to the latest reports, from April to June, the number of transactions exceeded 22 thousand (+9.6% quarterly and +45.2% year on year), and their total value exceeded $ 16 billion.

Nonresidents get mortgages and installment plans

The state stimulates the market, and here, the banks happily finance foreigners. Just in case you are now aware of this, mortgages can be taken on 50% of the cost of a villa or apartment with a rate that goes from 3.8% to 4.2% per year. The loan is formalized for a few weeks and for a maximum of 20 years.

The banks have just a few requirements for foreign borrowers, and the main one is to show a bank statement for the last six months or about one year. If a foreigner wants to buy something that is still in the construction phase, they can use this installment payment from the developer.