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LPS Shanghai 2023 - Asia Pacific’s Leading Luxury Property Exhibition

13 Sep, 2023
LPS Shanghai 2023 - Asia Pacific’s Leading Luxury Property Exhibition

LPS Shanghai 2023 - Asia Pacific’s leading luxury property exhibition is set to take place on December

Get ready to experience the ultimate showcase of luxury real estate at the 22nd edition of LPS. This year, LPS is set to take place in the heart of China's glamorous economic capital, Shanghai, from December 8th to 10th, 2023, at the prestigious Shanghai Exhibition Centre.

For over a decade, LPS has been leading the international high-end real estate exhibition industry, making it the largest and most sought-after exhibition of its kind in China and the Asia-Pacific region. With a strong reputation for excellence, LPS is the go-to platform for international elite brands, bringing together top real estate developers and sales brands from all corners of the world to showcase their world-class projects and services to potential Chinese buyers and investors.

The Features of LPS Shanghai 2023:

  • 3-day event: December 8-10, 2023 open from 10am to 6pm
  • Venue: The Shanghai Exhibition Centre, facing the Ritz Carlton.
  • Strictly by invitation only
  • 6,200+ Chinese VIPs
  • 140+ real estate exhibitors from over 45 countries
  • Over 150 seminars, forums and VIP receptions
  • 200+ official show and media partners

The Leading Names of the Industry

LPS Shanghai 2023 - Asia Pacific’s Leading Luxury Property Exhibition

LPS has served a star-studded lineup of brands, including Sotheby's International Realty, Emaar, Nakheel, Damac, Banyan Tree, Coldwell Banker, Crystal Property Group, Corcoran, Propnex Singapore, Engel & Völkers, Trio property agency, Ryan Donner, Costa Dream House, Frank Salt, Federalland, Relux International, CPG Maldives, Abundance Property, Chimaná Village, New Deal, Cabo Cribs, Laya Developers, Blanca International, Sutton, Hänle & Morcos, Starling Properties, FLAMBARD WILLIAMS, Air Global Agency, Squareone, Intermark Real Estate, Tammy Sells Costa Rica, Kounali Mountain Resort, Green Properties, Mira Real Estate, Mandm real estate, Four Seasons Private Residences, MORGAN'S, Citymax Real Estate, Danube Properties Development, Mar Yapi, Mirum Group, Re/Max, ASL, Hartman Resort, Costa Blanca Investments, Era Singapore, Pafilia, Chuwa Service, Dream Home Japan, Domaland Properties and many more.

An Amazing Panel of Participating Countries

With a wide range of countries and regions represented, including China, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, France, Spain, Italy, the UAE, Bahrain, the UK, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Maldives, Turkey, Grenada, Cape Verde and many more, LPS is truly a global showcase of luxury real estate.

The One in China Market

LPS Shanghai 2023 - Asia Pacific’s Leading Luxury Property Exhibition

The rapidly developing Chinese economy has resulted in a wave of highly educated elites with a keen eye for investment opportunities, making LPS the perfect platform to connect with Chinese buyers and investors. Starling Properties, a premier Dubai real estate brokerage, facilitates property transactions and provides cutting-edge property management for seamless, stress-free experiences. To learn more about our services, please contact us now, or join us at Booth AE02 at LPS Shanghai 2023, December 8-10th, Shanghai Exhibition Center(the 22nd edition). We look forward to serve you to our fullest!

LPS Shanghai 2023

Booth AE02

December 8-10th, Fri.-Sun. 10AM-6PM Daily

Shanghai Exhibition Center

The 22nd Edition



Follow LPS official Wechat: LPS-China

To learn more about the show: shanghai.lps-china.com

Contact Starling Properties Team:

+971 4 239 6476

About LPS:

LPS Shanghai 2023 – Asia Pacific’s leading luxury property exhibition. Celebrating its 22nd edition, the show is set to take place on December 8-10th at the prestigious Shanghai Exhibition Center featuring high-end luxury property developers and agents from over 40 countries, as well as a vast selection of newly developed properties to cater the needs of the demanding investors from Shanghai, China. http://shanghai.lps-china.com/


2023LPS上海国际高端房产盛会(第22届)将于12月8日至10日在上海展览中心隆重举行。LPS 是享誉国际的高端房地产展览主办机构,汇聚了来自中国和世界各地的杰出房地产专业人士、高净值人士、有影响力的投资者和众多高端品牌翘楚。凭借骄人的业绩,LPS 已确立了其在受邀请制高端房地产展览业的领导地位,为全球各地优秀卓越的房产提供了一个难能可贵的展示平台,并为豪华房地产行业提供了无与伦比的交流机会。http://shanghai.lps-china.com/