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Pet Friendly Communities in Dubai

08 Aug, 2023
Pet Friendly Communities in Dubai

Moving abroad is one of the most important decisions that you can make, and this challenging journey involves a lot of effort and soul-searching; we already know this. A lot of people decided to invest their wealth in Dubai’s properties, and they are either buying vacay homes here or simply purchasing a second home, considering all the benefits that come with living in Dubai.

The UAE is a nation that’s been flourishing during the past years despite the global geo-political and health-related issues, and according to expert opinions, it will continue to evolve smoothly in the years to come as well.

Due to extraordinary regulations and laws regarding investors who decided to come here, Dubai managed to remain a global hub regarding tourism and the real estate industry as well.

Moving to Dubai is more than a trend these days; it’s a decision that you will not regret making because the investment will turn out flying straight towards the highest peak of success, financially speaking. More and more people decide to live a hassle and stress-free life, and that’s why they choose to move to Dubai.

They usually take their family there as well, and the luckiest who own pets also take their little furry friends to this new realm. We move with everything that matters to us, don’t we?

This is the very reason for which we decided that it’s time to drop a friendly guide for those of you who chose to invest in a property in Dubai and have pets as well – this means that you need to consider the animals’ needs and facilities as well, that is why it’s essential to pick a place which is pet-friendly.

So, here are the essential pet-friendly communities in Dubai where you can start a new life together with all your family and furry BFFs.

The Best 11 Communities With Pet-Friendly Facilities In Dubai

Here are the best locations that you should consider when deciding to buy a property in Dubai and take your pets there as well.

  • Dubai Hills
  • Arabian Ranches
  • Victory Heights
  • Damac Hills
  • Dubai Investment Park
  • Emirates Living
  • Al Barari
  • Jumeirah Lake Towers
  • Jumeirah Golf Estates
  • Downtown Dubai
  • Jumeirah Village Circle

Dubai Hills

Pet Friendly Communities in Dubai

Dubai Hills feature various luxurious apartments, townhouses, and villas as well. All of them are places among green spaces and parks, and this makes it an excellent choice for people who have pets.

There’s enough space to take your dog on a walk here, and dog owners can socialize here as well.

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Arabian Ranches

Pet Friendly Communities in Dubai

This location is able to offer a desert lifestyle, and it also flaunts a fantastic community that’s ideal for families who have brought their furry BFFs as well.

All the villas that can be found here are equipped with vast garden spaces, and these are perfect for your little cats and dogs to enjoy.

There are more initiatives in this community that is bringing together dog lovers, and this is an important issue to mention. The neighborhood restaurant called Maison Mathis, for instance, at the Arabian Ranches Club is now accepting dogs!

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Victory Heights

Pet Friendly Communities in Dubai

The family-friendly community is another fantastic choice for those of you who want to move to Dubai and take your fluffy BFF with them. The villas and townhouses here are places in a wonderful community that has plenty of open spaces and amazing parks where animals can have a lot of fun.

This community does not have services that are specifically created for pets, but there are enough benefits that have you considering it as a good choice.

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Damac Hills

Pet Friendly Communities in Dubai

This is another modern residential community that has been built with pet lovers in mind as well. There are a lot of excellent roads and various beautiful parks where you can take a walk together with your animal.

There are waste bags being placed all over the place in convenient locations so that you can clean up after your little animal and leave nature clean. In the middle of this community, you can also find a dog park that comes with various agility courses, and it’s sectioned into two parts – one is for the smaller dogs, and the other is built with bigger dogs in mind.

This amazing community has been created to offer events specifically designed for dogs.

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Dubai Investment Park

Pet Friendly Communities in Dubai

This is a unique self-contained mixed-use industrial residential and commercial community that has been created in roder to host a luxurious leisure reports and spa in the UAE for cats and dogs.

This is called My Second Home, and it comes with a free play area, doggie daycare, three pools, a grooming salon, and more amazing facilities for pets. This is a great place for your dog pals to socialize and interacts with each other.

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Emirates Living

Pet Friendly Communities in Dubai

The location is home to a vast lush greenery, The Lakes, Emirates Hills, The Meadows, and The Springs – here; you can also find amazing walking trails that are perfect for dog owners to take their little friends for a walk.

It’s also worth noting the fact that The Reform Grill is allowing dogs on the terrace these days, and more than that, there are also some cafes, such as Arrows & Sparrows, which allow dogs.

There are all kinds of exciting pet stores all over the community, and here, you can also find some fenced dog parks as well which are open on a daily basis. All these elements make Emirates Living one of the top pet-friendly communities that you can find in Dubai these days.

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Al Barari

Pet Friendly Communities in Dubai

This is another zone in Dubai that is more than pet friendly. It’s got much luxurious greenery all over the place, and it’s so great that it manages to become its very own habitat.

There ate a lot of amazing places here which allow you to go with your pet, and one of them is the NASAB. Here, your pet can be trained to become the coolest dog ever, and it can also learn to socialize with others.

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Jumeirah Lake Towers

Pet Friendly Communities in Dubai

The place is built around some serene lakes and an amazing park that can offer beautiful views to visitors who come here and take their furry little friends for a walk.

There’s a gated dog park here that provides an open space for the animal to run and have the time of its life! It can also socialize with other dogs as well, and this is a way to make new human friends for you as well.

You can also catch up with a pal here, while stopping for a coffee at one of the many restaurants and cafes that are popping all over the place.

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Jumeirah Golf Estates

Pet Friendly Communities in Dubai

This is another popular dog-friendly location that has fantastic villas. They have their very own gardens and pools, which make it one of the most amazing locations for people who have pets.

They can run around and lie in the sun all day long, and this area has managed to gain popularity for being pet-friendly for a long time. No wonder our clients with fluffy pets always desire to check out the properties that we have for sale or renting here!

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Downtown Dubai

Pet Friendly Communities in Dubai

This is located in the center of everything, and it offers pet-friendly accommodation. It’s also home to Burj Park, which is a fantastic place for you and your animal as well.

The community welcomes all the pet lovers out there, and there are plenty of restaurants for the little furry buddies.

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Jumeirah Village Circle

Pet Friendly Communities in Dubai

This neighborhood enjoys a lot of pathways and more green space where you can walk your pets in peace. The activities here are pretty limited, and this is important to learn, but this does not mean that you will not be able to find various pet shops within a short walking distance.

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Bonus: Pet-Friendly Cafes In Dubai

Here’s a bonus segment added to our article, and it’s about the best pet-friendly cafes that you can find in Dubai. Check out the most popular and coolest ones below.

  • The Duck Hook
  • Kave, The Story of Things
  • Koko Bay
  • Single Fin

The Duck Hook

Pet Friendly Communities in Dubai

The café overlooks the golf course at Dubai Hills, and it’s a British-style venue. This is definitely one of the best dog-friendly places that you will be able to find in the city. They are not allowing the pooches indoors, but they are definitely allowed outdoors during the cooler months.

You can sit back and admire the green views while having the most delicious meal as your dog is also enjoying a lovely day next to you. What can be better than this?

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Kave, The Story of Things

Pet Friendly Communities in Dubai

This is another location that’s definitely worth mentioning when it comes to the best venues that allow pets. This one will not only enable dogs indoors and outdoors but also has treats for your dogs!

It’s important to mention the fact that this pet-friendly café is a creative space that is focused on upcycling, and it also hosts various workshops. You can pop in here with your pooch and enjoy a cup of coffee with it by your side!

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Koko Bay

Pet Friendly Communities in Dubai

There are a lot of reasons why people with animals are simply in love with Koko Bay at West Palm Beach. The great food and décor are some of them, and the other one is the fact that this fantastic beachside restaurant welcomes pets outside.

You have the option to rent a cabana and order tasty food while enjoying the evening with your dog.

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Single Fin

Pet Friendly Communities in Dubai

This is a venue that welcomes the entire family, including your pets! This is a surfer-inspired spot that has some fantastic food.

It’s located on Jumeirah Beach Road, and they are serving up excellent menus ideal for post-surfing. It’s definitely worth trying out together with your doggo.

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Closing Words

Taking your pet with you, even if you decide to go to another country or simply take a vacation abroad, is something that’s essential for pet lovers.

The little ones are part of the family, and we completely understand because we have our own little friends to look after! This is the reason why we chose to post this piece about pet-friendly locations in Dubai where you can buy and rent excellent and luxurious properties.

There was a time when bringing your furry pals to a restaurant in Dubai was unheard of, but these have come to an end! There are plenty of spaces which you can visit and take your little friend along as well just to make sure it won’t miss out on the fun.

From beachside restaurants to unique cafes, there will be a lot of venues to bring your doggo along. For more information about this and any other real estate-related matter, feel free to contact our team of specialists. We are here to answer all of your inquiries about Dubai!

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