20 Jul, 2022
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Starling Properties platform just launched, bringing innovative ways of selling, buying, and renting properties in Dubai. The platform is a true real estate brokerage player which also allows clients to pay for properties via digital assets.

The firm’s dedicated team takes pride in high expertise levels, exquisite customer service, and professionalism. Starling Properties has the most responsive agents who own updated and improved accuracy on the properties that are being bought or sold via the company.

The crypto-oriented company is striving to become the number one player in the real estate industry that’s been flourishing like there’s no tomorrow in Dubai. The location became a fresh breath of heaven regarding financial freedom, respect for privacy and amazing real estate deals.

Starling Properties boosts crypto adoption in the UAE – accepting crypto payments for properties

Cryptos and their underlying technology, the blockchain, have been gaining massive traction lately, especially during the past couple of years which saw the whole world under crisis. Crypto rises again and the resilience of both digital money and the booming tech has managed to convince more and more people that in times like these, when inflation is on the rise and economic recession strikes, crypto is one of the most powerful hedge funds against inflation.

This, along with many other opportunities and advantages that digital assets have led more nations to support the mainstream adoption of crypto. The Middle East countries, especially UAE are strongly appr4eciating crypto and the blockchain, and this is why Dubai has already become a crypto hub for the whole world.

Dubai real estate industry meets crypto

In Dubai. The real estate industry continues to flourish, and people are feeling here amidst a global crisis involving the economy, war, and health emergencies.

The UAE is showing massive commitment to the virtual economy with the help of landmark regulatory advances that have been taking place in 2022. Newly announced regulatory clarity on crypto in Dubai are attracting a lot of interest in the crypto space from the UAE, despite all crypto regulatory challenges and colossal price volatility.

Dubai hosts more than 2,300 real estate companies, and this is the place in which Starling Properties decided to do its best and become the number one broker in the real estate industry, at the same time boosting the mass use of crypto as well.

In a saturated market, Starling Properties will offer clients their best services built on important principles, which are the foundation of their whole mission and work: trust, integrity, professionalism, and exquisite customer service.

Property purchasing/selling process involves a lot of effort and difficult steps, and Starling Properties aims to become the number one brokerage company that offers flawless services.

A top real estate brokerage firm in Dubai

Starling Properties places its business core on the importance of quality over quantity. The team of experts that the firm takes pride in includes 15 elite brokers who flaunt a vast knowledge of the real estate industry in Dubai. They have all been professionally trained to keep the customer’s best interest at heart no matter what.

Starling customers are rewarded big time by the company. For instance, there are some really juicy perks when being the firm’s client – airport pick-ups in Rolls Royce vehicles and G-wagon for the VIP clients are some of them.

Flights and accommodation are on the company as well. The firm is also paying for the customer’s staying and travel to Dubai, up to 5,000 AED in a 5* Star hotel for three nights when they purchase a property through the company of AED 1M+.

With the help of companies such as Starling Properties, Dubai is able to stand out in a space in which the crypto volatility and regulatory challenges of crypto.

Closing words

If you need to find a reliable, experienced, and trustworthy real estate broker, look no further because Starling Properties is here to help you shine and dream the life you always dreamed of.

It’s vital to have an experienced property team with tremendous experience in complex and standard transactions as well.

Starling Properties promises to become your go-to brokerage firm in Dubai that allows the easiest ways of buying, selling and renting properties in the UAE. The top notch services, along with flawless customer service, trust and integrity, along with loyalty make Starling Properties the best choice for real estate and crypto enthusiasts.

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