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UAE National Day Activities in Dubai: Ultimate Guide 2023

09 Oct, 2023
UAE National Day Activities in Dubai: Ultimate Guide 2023

Wondering what UAE National Day Activities you can do? Look no further, as we got you covered.

Are you ready for this year's UAE National Day celebration?

You can't miss all the excitement and celebrations around December 2nd in Dubai. There are so many incredible activities to engage with Emirati culture and national enthusiasm. And Dubai goes all out on National Day, putting up fireworks displays and many activities throughout the emirate.

We'll walk you through the city's must-see UAE National Day Activities in our guide. Get your cameras and excitement ready because the party is about to start!

  • What is UAE National Day?
  • Exciting UAE National Day Activities and Events to Catch
  • Feast with your eyes with amazing Fireworks
  • Watch Aerobatic Display by UAE Air Force’s Al Fursan
  • IMAGINE Display
  • Enjoy Concerts
  • Dress up with everyone!
  • Family-Friendly UAE National Day Activities
  • Global Village
  • Al Seef Dubai
  • Museums
  • Riverland Dubai

What is UAE National Day?

UAE National Day Activities in Dubai: Ultimate Guide 2023

Before enjoying the holiday, you need to know what UAE National Day is.

UAE National Day is an important holiday celebrated on December 2nd in the United Arab Emirates. It commemorates the country's independence from the British Protectorate treaties in 1971.

Remember that the celebrations often last for several days around this date. So, expect many events like parades, festivals, concerts, and fireworks.

There will be lavish decorations around Dubai, like flags, banners, and lights. Government buildings and landmarks will be lit up in the colors of the UAE flag.

With all the celebrations and festive atmosphere, UAE National Day in Dubai is a cultural experience you won’t forget. Join the community in celebrating this day of freedom and national identity with UAE National Day Activities.

Exciting UAE National Day Activities and Events to Catch

To commemorate UAE National Day, Dubai is hosting fascinating activities and performances. You won't want to skip any of the following:

Feast with your eyes with amazing Fireworks

UAE National Day Activities in Dubai: Ultimate Guide 2023

It’s common these days that celebrations include fireworks displays. Major cities like Dubai also lit the sky with vibrant fireworks.

The most famous one is the Burj Khalifa fireworks show.  With explosions and laser lights, the highest skyscraper in the world puts on an amazing pyrotechnic show.

Make sure to arrive early to secure an excellent viewing spot!

Watch Aerobatic Display by UAE Air Force’s Al Fursan

UAE National Day Activities in Dubai: Ultimate Guide 2023

Catch one of the spectacular air shows by the UAE Air Force’s Al Fursan aerobatic display team. They’ll be zooming over key landmarks in Dubai, showing off their skills and painting the sky red, green, white, and black - the colors of the UAE flag.


You may also visit Dubai Festival City Mall for their record-breaking Arabic-themed IMAGINE display. They'll project stunning sights onto the mall's enormous LED screen using lasers, lighting, fire, and water. The program airs many times each evening for free.

Enjoy Concerts

UAE National Day Activities in Dubai: Ultimate Guide 2023

Dubai hosts many concerts, live shows, and entertainment events all throughout the city. Many famous local and international musicians perform, allowing you to celebrate the UAE National Day with both modern and traditional Emirati music and dance.

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Dress up with everyone!

UAE National Day Activities in Dubai: Ultimate Guide 2023

Lastly, don’t forget you can also just dress up with everyone!

The city will be alive with celebrations and brimming with pride in Dubai. Participate by donning attire in the UAE flag's colors. Also available from stores and kiosks around the city are UAE flags, t-shirts, scarves, and other accessories you can wear.

So, whichever UAE National Day Activities above you choose to do to celebrate, make sure to wish everyone you meet an “Eid Mubarak”!

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Family-Friendly UAE National Day Activities

If you rather have fun and educational activities for your kids, then Dubai also has UAE National Day Activities perfect for families. Here are a few you won’t want to miss:

Global Village

First is Global Village, it’s a large multicultural theme park in Dubai. It is a market and entertainment area with pavilions that represent different countries.

The park often organizes special cultural performances, shows, and concerts on UAE National Day. These include traditional Emirati music and dance performances.

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Next on our list is LEGOLAND Dubai! Celebrate UAE National Day with special activities and promotions for children.

The theme park is typically decorated with UAE flags and banners to create a festive atmosphere throughout the park. LEGOLAND Dubai offers discounted ticket prices and exclusive packages specifically for UAE National Day visitors.

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Al Seef Dubai

UAE National Day Activities in Dubai: Ultimate Guide 2023

Visit Al Seef Dubai, a quaint historical neighborhood. They have traditional activities like kite-making, henna painting, or basket weaving. Families and children may participate in the activities to learn about UAE history and culture.

The festival ends with fireworks lighting up the whole Creek in UAE colors.

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UAE National Day Activities in Dubai: Ultimate Guide 2023

Then, you may also visit cultural centers or museums with your family that highlight the history and legacy of the UAE. Cultural institutions host programs during National Day where families may discover Emirati customs. It's also an excellent chance to immerse yourselves in UAE culture and learn about the nation's history, traditions, and accomplishments.

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Riverland Dubai

Last but not the least is Riverland Dubai. It’s a dining and entertainment area in the center of Dubai Park and Resorts.

The best part is it’s free for everyone, and they do multiple activities for UAE National day. Enjoy activities like face painting, henna, and falcon displays. Of course, like everywhere, there is a fireworks display in the evening for everyone to enjoy.

With so many exciting events around the city, your family will surely have an unforgettable UAE National Day celebration. Have a wonderful time, and Eid Mubarak!

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And there it is—a guide to UAE National Day Activities in Dubai!

There is an overwhelming amount of activities, shows, offers, and acts of patriotism. This National Day, Dubai has everything you could desire, whether you want to experience Emirati culture, enjoy world-class entertainment, or relax and enjoy the festivities with your family.

Being a part of the festivities is an experience you will remember as the city goes all out to celebrate the creation of the UAE. Gather your loved ones, take out the flag and national attire, and join the celebration.

You only get to celebrate once a year, so take advantage of the long weekend!

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