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Buy a Luxury property in Dubai can be a lucrative investment opportunity for many reasons. The city's real estate market has been booming for many years and is expected to grow in the coming years

Start Your Investment Journey with Starling Properties

Start your investment journey with Starling Properties

Free Air Travel

Enjoy the privilege of complementary flights so you can begin your investment journey in sheer comfort.

5-Star Accommodation

Treat yourself with a luxurious 5-star hotel stay exclusively provided by Starling Properties.

5 Star Accommodation
Rolls Royce Pickup

Rolls Royce Pickup

What’s more lavish than being picked up in a fabulous Rolls Royce? Starling Properties offers a pickup service for clients in this exclusive investor package.

Obtain the Prestigious Golden Visa

When you invest in a property worth a minimum of AED 2 million, you will have the opportunity to receive the exclusive UAE Golden Visa, packed with a wide range of incredible benefits.

Obtain the prestigious golden visa

Terms and Conditions

A minimum investment of AED 5 million is required along with a deposit which will be refunded upon purchasing a property with Starling Properties.

Terms and conditions

A minimum investment of 5M AED and a deposit which is refunded upon purchasing of a property via Starling

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