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Buy a Luxury property in Dubai can be a lucrative investment opportunity for many reasons. The city's real estate market has been booming for many years and is expected to grow in the coming years

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Free Air Travel

Enjoy the privilege of complementary flights so you can begin your investment journey in sheer comfort.

5-Star Accommodation

Treat yourself with a luxurious 5-star hotel stay exclusively provided by Starling Properties.

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Rolls Royce Pickup

What’s more lavish than being picked up in a fabulous Rolls Royce? Starling Properties offers a pickup service for clients in this exclusive investor package.

Obtain the Prestigious Golden Visa

When you invest in a property worth a minimum of AED 2 million, you will have the opportunity to receive the exclusive UAE Golden Visa, packed with a wide range of incredible benefits.

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Terms and Conditions

A minimum investment of AED 2 million is required along with a deposit which will be refunded upon purchasing a property with Starling Properties.

apartment for rent in dubai

A minimum investment of 2M AED and a deposit which is refunded upon purchasing of a property via Starling

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Client Testimonials

I have been working with Starling Properties for more than two months now, and I must say that I am truly satisfied with their services. They have been showing me a lot of houses in Dubai where my family and I decided to buy ourselves a new property. We’ve been collaborating with Francesco from Starling, and he has been very closely working with all the essential developers in the real estate indu...

Kyrie Adams

6 months ago

Choosing Starling Properties was one of the best decisions of my life. I have been looking for a home for my family and me to buy in Dubai, and after a lot of soul searching, I was able to make the best decision ever. It was all possible with the help of Starling and their team of expert professionals. They always answered all of our questions about the real estate market in the UAE, whether it wa...

Norman Boyer

6 months ago

Starling Properties have the most excellent campaign. They've been supporting me in the process of buying a property in Dubai for a few months now, and we're getting close to getting things done. The final contract is almost on the table, and the whole effort and waiting have been definitely worth it. The hardest part was choosing the firm to work with, and after a lot of searches, Starlin...

Edward Abraham

6 months ago

It was a true pleasure for my family and me to work with Starling Properties a couple of months ago when we decided to finally invest abroad. Most of our friends have properties in the UAE, and we finally decided to go along with my husband's advice. One of Starling's team members helped us throughout the whole process of purchasing a property, with the lease and the buying process itself....

Maria Cruz

6 months ago

Starling Properties is the best partner that I promise you'll find in case you are interested in purchasing a property abroad. Dubai has been my choice for a few years now, and only this year I had the guts to go through this whole process. Francesco was the advisor that I had the chance to meet, and he is probably the best choice out there. He provided the most efficient service, and he grasp...

Alexander Carter

7 months ago

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